Crowns, or tooth-like structures which are placed over a prepared tooth. A crown is often employed after a root canal has been performed, or to restore a tooth which has been badly cracked. Crowns are made to look and feel like your natural tooth, and can also be used to anchor bridges for instances when a complete tooth replacement is necessary. Crowns are employed with dental implants as well, although prices vary by procedure.

The type of crown that has been used the most has a base of metal as a foundation and porcelain that is placed over it. There are inherent cosmetic issues with this, such as grey/dull looking teeth and black lines around the gums. we place all porcelain crowns (with no metal base) and the benefit is to create the most natural smile possible without sacrificing the strength and durability. In actuality they are more functional. Because of their versatility, porcelain crowns can be used effectively to solve a variety of problems. If your tooth is broken or if is not strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear or has become extremely worn down, a porcelain crown would be an ideal treatment for you.

Porcelain crowns are also excellent for supporting teeth that have had large fillings needing replacement and dental implants. They can be used aesthetically to lighten your teeth, narrow gaps, and reduce crowding. Because of their success and versatility, they have long been popular among patients and dentists alike.

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